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VyprVPN like many other VPNs encrypts your internet connections hence increasing your security and freedom online. It protects your connection by preventing your ISP and online activities from being monitored by government agencies and hackers.

The amazing fact about these VPN is that its service includes a DNS-service. This is so because; VyperDNS is built into VyprVPN hence assures you of maximum security and anonymity. VyprVPN offers its users with affordable services as well as faster speed since they don’t outsource their networks.

Top Three Features

  • Multiple protocols
    Multiple protocols refer to a feature in VyprVPN that ensures maximum data authentication and encryption. VyprVPN offers various security protocols like 256bit L2TP, 128bit, 256bit, and 160bit by using the OpenVPN protocol.
    They also use the chameleon protocol which is a distinct protocol when compared to other VPN service providers.
  • Zero Logging DNS
    VyprVPN possesses nifty features like the Zero logging DNS which they call VyperDNS. This is an amazing feature that encrypts data fully and boosts speed and connectivity for their users. The branded smart DNS makes VyprVPN very unique since it works somewhat different from other VPNs available. 
  • Chameleon and NAT Firewall
    These VyprVPN features enable users to enjoy top-most security at all time they are undertaking their online activities. This is their company software that is designed to hide VPN traffic by use of deep packet inspection algorithms.
    This software is very useful to users who are from countries where VPN traffic is prevented in an active manner. Furthermore, the NAT firewall used by the VyprVPN on their server, completely protect their users from inbound traffic.

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  • They have more than 700 servers worldwide
  • They offer their users with unlimited data usage
  • They have an amazing customer support
  • Offer immense discounts on yearly payments
  • They ensure maximum security by using multiple protocols
  • They use NAT firewall hence stronger security
  • Can be used on various operating systems like Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.
  • They have over 200,000 IP addresses
  • They use chameleon technology to shun VPN blocking at any location


  • It is a bit costly
  • They keep log files
  • They sometimes experience DNS leakage problems

Pricing and Plans

VyprVPN pricing plans are impressively designed to cater for the needs of its users. They ensure that their users can choose from three different subscription plans both for personal use or business enterprise. Below are their pricing plans:

VyprVPN Basic  


Billed yearly or $14.99/month billed monthly

VyprVPN Pro     


Billed yearly or $9.99/month billed monthly

VyprVPN Premium


Billed yearly or $19.99/month billed monthly

Support Offering

VyprVPN has an impressive 24/7 customer support that is always available to tackle customers questions. Users can make their first-line communication with the company when they are in need of assistance.

They also offer support ticket where users can write their issues and send them through email. This way, their queries or issues will be answered within 24 hours. It may take a little bit more time to get answers due to the long line of queries in the queue. 


VyprVPN is an impeccable solution that combines superlative network by supporting sleek apps in various geographical locations. They provide the fastest server selection by enabling users to connect to 50+ global server locations and experience amazing speeds.

VyprVPN has exclusive easy–to-use apps that enable its users to comfortably access their services by using a variety of devices like Windows, TV, iOS, Android, and Mac. This is due to their amazing and proprietary technology that ensures that VyprVPN users are well secured, and protected against government agencies and hackers.


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