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TotalVPN is one of the newest service providers that is gaining popularity at a higher rate. They offer adequate and timely services by helping their users to hide their IP address. To add on, they encrypt data transmissions to protect it from getting into the hands of hackers and governmental agencies.

It has a fast connection and can accommodate a large number of users. They have an awesome customer support staff that conduct a live chat with their users. It is convenient for its users since they can make a quick service request via email at any time of their need.

Top 3 features of TotalVPN provider

The following three features distinguish TotalVPN from ordinary VPNs.

Enjoy up to three simultaneous connections

TotalVPN provider has made it even much more convenient to its premium users. Unlike many other VPNs which can only allow up to two simultaneous connections, TotalVPN premium users have up to three simultaneous connections. Though, this does not apply to TotalVPN free account users. They are only limited to one connection.

Free from Bandwidth Caps

With TotalVPN, paid users can surf the internet through secure protocols with unlimited bandwidth, and unrestricted data transfer. Its premium plan is free from the slow and buffering network. Although, this is not for the case of TotalVPN free account users. They are only limited to 2Mbps, and their data transfer is restricted as well.

Servers in more than 30 locations.

It has 30+ servers that allow its paid users to connect from. For this case, it has enhanced greater signal strength to its users. Unfortunately, free account users can only connect to three servers in Amsterdam, Singapore and Iceland.


Pros of using TotalVPN

Different users may have different views concerning TotalVPN, but what remains is the fact that it possesses some advantages. They are as follows:

  • They have strong encryption algorithms
  • Easy to use hence user-friendly
  • They have software for all devices
  • They have fast, simple and unrestricted browsing with Total Premium
  • They have a full-time customer support service
  • Possess unrestricted Bandwidth for the Total Premium
  • They have free trials

Cons of using TotalVPN

Despite the fact that TotalVPN is a well-known fast growing VPN in the market, it thus has some drawbacks that limit it. They are as follows:

  • They have server limitations
  • Inconsistent speed
  • They have a privacy policy

Plans and Pricing of TotalVPN           

The aim of TotalVPN is to offer fair pricing to their users. Therefore, they offer two options for subscribers, the free version and the premium paid version.

  1. Free plan will cost you $0.00.
  2. TotalVPN of premium version costs $5.99 a month. Nevertheless, if you opt for the yearly duration, you can get a discount of 45%.

The free version has no limit hence, it allows users to have a free VPN that can connect to only three countries with one system at a time. Premium paid version has unlimited bandwidth and data traffic, unlike the free version. This version allows users to get access to the full server roster and countries.

The paid plan allows TotalVPN users to connect to over thirty locations globally with three simultaneous connections, and a proxy service.

TotalVPN is available on major operating systems like iPhone, Android Tablet, Mac OS X, Android and Windows. Connections options for TotalVPN include the OpenVPN, IkeV2, PPTP, and L2TP/IPSec.

Support Offering

TotalVPN has a great customer support for their users. They have a live chat feature that enables their users to get direct help from their support team. This way, you can ping the support staff with an instant message and get help.

In addition, users can also initiate help via email since they offer a 24/7 service. They have a handy knowledge base on their website which has set-up guides for iPad, Windows, Mac OS X, and iPhone.

In order to enjoy the TotalVPN customer support services, you will be required to sign in and create an account with them. The TotalVPN website is secured and very easy to navigate hence offering its users an easy time trying to access it.


In recap, TotalVPN is a fast growing VPN with great potentialities among its users. It has an adequate service that protects its users’ needs at all time. They help in ensuring that their users IP address is masked and encrypt their data from falling into wrong hands.

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