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PureVPN is one of the top-most VPNs having a diverse and incomparable VPN features that all comes in one package. It has high speeds with a range of 500+ servers distributed in 141 countries worldwide.

It assures its users total security through high-tech security and privacy encryption methods such as 256-bit data encryption. They have a 24/7 responsive live chat support to respond to their users’ queries.

Top Three Features

Good news to all PureVPN users since, it has got a lot of features to offer.

  1. Connectivity featuresIt is only with PureVPN that one can enjoy up to about ten different features in connectivity. Its users are allowed to connect to more than 500+ servers located across the world. Their servers are located in 141 different countries which make it convenient to its users. Its network offers high uptime (99.99%) since it is hosted and managed by a team of highly professional experts.Another amazing feature in its connectivity is unlimited data transfer. PureVPN users have the chance of streaming or surfing the web with no bandwidth limitations. PureVPN saves you the cost of having more than one account in order to use all your devices simultaneously. It allows up to five multi logins using a single account.PureVPN will allow you to connect most device because of its compatibility with 20+ devices.
  2. Security and PrivacyThis is what every VPN user looks for in any VPN services. PureVPN ensures your browsing data is protected using 256-bit data encryption. This is one of the top-line military-upgrade encryption methods that will always protect your data. The self-managed network provided by PureVPN guarantees you data privacy throughout. At no time will your data land in the hands of a third party.Also, multiple security and connectivity protocols such as IKEv2, OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and SSTP will offer you security while browsing on different devices. Other features that come handy with PureVPN are:
    1. PureVPN maintains their users’ privacy through its fail-safe button (PureVPN Internet Kill Switch).
    2. It offers Dedicated IP add-on that allows its users to have a total control over their security and privacy while online.
    3. DDoS Protection feature protects PureVPN users from almost all complex DDoS online attacks.
  3. Fast VPN services.It’s multiple and rich servers of over 500 which helps in boosting its browsing speeds. The servers are well distributed across the world to ensure that its users can connect to nearby servers. The proximity of the users to nearby servers is short hence high speeds. In addition, the PureVPN users will never suffer the ISP throttling as a result of diverse options of switching servers.


Pros of PureVPN

It is known to its users that PureVPN has countless advantages to offer to its users. Some of these are:

  1. It offers up to 99.99% network uptime.
  2. Has got 80,000 IP addresses to choose from.
  3. It can allow multiple logins of up to five devices using a single account.
  4. It offers military-upgrade encryption using 256-bit data encryption.
  5. It is rich in 500+ servers that are well distributed worldwide (in 141 countries).
  6. PureVPN has a great downloading and uploading speeds coupled with unlimited bandwidth.
  7. PureVPN compatibility with more than twenty devices allows you to enjoy its services from many devices.

Cons of PureVPN

Though PureVPN is well known among its user for the positive features, it also comes with a price. They are:

  1. It does not offer a free trial package for its customers.
  2. They keep their users internet log data which does not guarantee 100% privacy.
  3. They have only 7-day limited money back guarantee.

Plans and Pricing

PureVPN has three types of pricing plans available to its users. The three package plans come with different but amazing discounts. Every plan is subject to users’ satisfaction otherwise, you will be eligible for a refund within seven days after subscription.

The good news to PureVPN users is that the three pricing plan comes with all features independent on whether it is the monthly, semi-yearly or yearly plan. In addition, it has made it convenient for its subscribers by accepting over a hundred and fifty payment methods.

Their prices are as follow:

  1. Monthly Plan             2.   Six-month plan                       3.   Yearly Plan

Price – $ 9.95                    Price – $ 7.49                                    Price – $ 4.16

Discount – 17%                Billed semi-yearly as $ 44.94        Billed yearly as $ 49.92

Discount – 37%                             Discount – 65%

Support Offering

PureVPN is renowned for its active and supportive 24/7 live chat support. When you live a message by their live chat, it will only take a few minutes before being contacted by their customer help.

They offer a great support to its users through the knowledge base search area. Furthermore, their users can get their support by reviewing its Frequently Asked Questions.


In long and short of it, PureVPN has more great features than many other VPNs in the market. All these come at relatively low and affordable prices.

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