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NordVPN is an outstanding VPN service provider that hides users IP address by providing them with another IP address allowing them to surf the internet anonymously and safely. It highly ensures that they maintain their user’s privacy by increasing their security when online.

It is the most modern and impeccable VPN service that offer their users with various amazing features that are user-friendly and highly compatible with multiple devices like Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, OS, and Mac.

Top Three Features

Some of the core and excellent features of NordVPN are as follows:

  • Double Data Encryption

NordVPN offers an amazing double VPN technology to their users.  It is a unique feature that encrypts user’s data twice and provides the tightest security by use of military grade AES-356-CBC.

This is an outstanding feature that provides a high level of privacy to NordVPN users at all time.

  • Automatic Kill Switch

This is a feature that allows users to terminate their personal information automatically in case there is a service drop out. This way, there won’t be any accidental exposure of user’s personal and sensitive data.

  • DNS- Leak Resolver

NordVPN ensures that it doesn’t experience situations where the DNS sometimes send unencrypted queries outside the Virtual Private Network tunnels. They do this by making sure that their DNS queries are well secured and highly protected.

Video Review

Below are short but informative NordVPN video reviews. Take a few minutes and check on them.


NordVPN is an eye-catching VPN provider with the following significant advantages:

  • Their software is amazing to use hence user-friendly.
  • Highly compatible with various devices.
  • They have multiple servers that are located in more than twenty countries worldwide.
  • Their networks are highly reliable, hence convenient to its users.
  • They have a money back guarantee.
  • Users can enjoy unrestricted internet instantly.
  • Users get to enjoy excellent speeds while surfing the internet.
  • It guards users against snoopers and hackers by use of its incredible encryption features.
  • Their prices are reasonable and affordable.


Despite NordVPN possessing some positive results, it also has some drawbacks as follows:

  • Their refund policy is limited.

Pricing and Plans

NordVPN is an advanced and amazing VPN service provider that offers great pricing plans for their users. They offer three straightforward and affordable pricing plans for their users to choose from, depending on their preferences.

Also, they have a money back guarantee which acts as a trial period for their users. They also shower their users with various discounts on different plans. Their different plans are as follows:

Simple                         Standard                                 Best offer                                                       

One month                  six months                              one year

$8/month                    $7/month                               $5.75/month

Save 0%                      Save 12.50%                           Save 28%

Support Offering

NordVPN has done a fantastic job by offering an excellent and formidable support offering to their users. Their FAQ section is one of a kind with detailed information regarding their services. It is a perfect place where users can get answers to their frequent questions and feel satisfied with NordVPN services.

They also provide their users with a 24/7 live chat support which is characterized by knowledgeable and, friendly tech support team. To add on, they have a blog section which keeps their users updated and aware of any new technological inventions they embrace. Tutorials guiding users on how to setup their software are also available.


In the long and short of it, NordVPN is an advanced, outstanding and amazing VPN provider that provides its users with another IP address to safely and securely browse the internet. Also, it ensures that its users are highly protected against hackers and governmental agencies.

They possess amazing features like the double data encryption and automatic Kill Switch that provides its users with great internet access as well as constant and lightning fast speeds while surfing online.

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