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Hotspot Shield is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service that is run by AnchorFree, a leading company in privacy-based services located in California, United States. As a computer user, is your web traffic secure? Are you sure your browser history is not being monitored by someone who finds it hard to mind his own business? Is your data secure from hackers? Well, I don’t think so.

Having an Antivirus installed on your device is not enough to keep you safe while you are browsing and that’s why you need a VPN. With the AnchorFree Hotspot Shield, you will be able to browse on any site with no worries.

Top Three Features

Anonymous surfing

Does your occupation or reputation limit your browsing habits? If so, then Hotspot Shield VPN has got you covered. This VPN service will mask your IP address by creating a tunnel that is encrypted between the servers and your device hence you can go about your browsing online without being tracked.

Browsing anonymously is important since most websites will track you when you visit them and who knows what they might do with your data. This Hotspot Shield anonymous surfing feature ensures that nothing or nobody dictates your browsing habits.

Advanced anti-blocking

With this feature, anyone can access any site they want including sites with Geo-restricted contents. For example, one can access restricted shows or contents from anywhere in the world for free even though it might be restricted to particular residents. Being outside that geographical location, one may be required to pay some fee to access such contents.

This is possible because Hotspot Shield has servers in over 20 countries including the UK so that you will be accessing such restricted sites through their distributed servers.

Filters and firewalls set by your network administrator will not be able to stand on your way to access any contents you may desire.

Malware protection

The internet is filled with sites that contain malicious contents that are just waiting to infect your device. Hotspot Shield VPN will not only block this malware from infecting your device but will also alert you when you visit such sites.

Pros of Hotspot Shield VPN

  1. This VPN service makes web browsing secure and private.
  2. Enables users to have secure Wi-Fi connections when browsing on public networks or at the office.
  3. They offer faster speed and more stable connections.
  4. With this VPN service, it’s possible to hide your IP address so you can browse while remaining anonymous to spammers or hackers.
  5. Users have the option of changing their IP address to anywhere they wish within the countries where the servers are located. This means you can change your location to 20 different countries.
  6. This VPN service has a large bandwidth hence users can browse the web at a better speed.
  7. The pricing of Hotspot Shield VPN is affordable.
  8. Hotspot Shield VPN also has an option of paying once without the need to renew subscription after some time.
  9. Installation on your device is very easy and is compatible with most operating systems.

Cons of Hotspot Shield VPN

  1. Since it is based in the United States, most people would doubt the level of privacy it provides since it is subject to the federal jurisdiction of the US. 

Plans and pricing

Hotspot Shield VPN offers two different types of membership plans. They include the Elite membership plan and the Business plan.

Below are the prices for the Elite membership plan.

Option Total cost Cost per Month Saving
1 Month $11.95 $11.95 0%
6 Months $19.99 $3.33 72%
1 Year $29.95 $2.50 79%
2 Years $49.95 $2.08 83%
Forever $99.95 N/A Awesome

If you chose the business plan, you would be offered the best prices that are flexible to your needs. This plan is for users with businesses that involves multiple devices. This plan is good for banking and finance, business travellers and institutions for less than $5 per device.

Support Offering

The Hotspot Shield VPN service has a dedicated customer support team that aim at responding to users queries in time. They also have a detailed FAQ section that will answer most of the queries that you might have.

Hotspot Shield VPN also uses the AES-256 encryption with open VPN parameters to ensure that your data is protected. All communications on the site are also secured with SSL encryption.


Hotspot Shield VPN is one of the best virtual private network software that you can choose from to ensure that hackers, spammers and other malicious software don’t give you headaches while you are surfing.

With this service, your safety is guaranteed so that you can surf the net with unlimited freedom. Visit Hotspot Shield VPN and keep your identity anonymous by masking your IP address while surfing the internet.

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