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The great quality services that Hide My Ass VPN provides to its users has made it gain popularity worldwide. Hide My Ass VPN has most of the amazing features like the supported protocols that allow users to keep their internet connection anonymous at all times.

Hide My Ass VPN allows its users to stream the internet faster and download as many videos as they wish by the use of unlimited Bandwidth. This application is very reliable since you can configure your browser at any time to work with Hide My Ass.

Top Three Features

Hide My Ass has some very impressive features that serve its users right. They are:

  • Secure IP Binding ToolThis is an advanced feature which allows Hide My Ass users to bind any application on their Windows devices. This way, they can only connect through VPN. In case of a sudden disconnection from the VPN, the Secure IP Binding Tool will stop the application from being connected to the internet.Therefore, your genuine IP address won’t be disconnected hence your anonymity will be safely ensured. In order for one to use this feature on Mac devices, they will be required to configure their firewall.
  • Money-Back GuaranteeHide My Ass users can get a 30-day money back guarantee. This is done to cater for users’ maximum satisfaction to their services. You will be entitled to a 30-day refund upon dissatisfaction with their services.
  • VPN Servers in 30 CountriesHide My Ass has a fast growing network of high speed that virtually reside in 30 countries. They have an awesome server list of more than 890 VPN servers. These servers allow users to connect to any geo-restriction of their choice. They are mostly located in the US and European countries.

Video Overview


Hide My Ass is a very amazing VPN that comes in handy with a variety of advantages to its users. Some of its irresistible positive facts are as follows:

  • It is compatible with major devices and Operating System.
  • It is very simple to install hence user-friendly.
  • Possess free Disposable Phone Numbers.
  • Offers various protocols like L2TP, SSL and OpenVPN.
  • It has 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Very affordable with prices starting from $4.99.
  • Best security and encryption for its users.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and server switches.


Apart from the many positive facts handled above, Hide My Ass has got some drawbacks as follows:

  • Does not have free trials.
  • Lack of popularity in its data logging policy.
  • Unreliable live chat for providing customer support. 

Plans and Pricing

Hide My Ass offers have pricing plans that are very reliable and made according to the advancement of the level of the features and services offered. They offer three convenient pricing plan for their users with varying budget.

They have a monthly package of the Hide My Ass that is referred to kick-ass that goes for $ 11.52 per month. Hide My Ass has the half- package that is for 6 months and costs $49.98. Users have to incur only $8.33 per month. This package offers its users a discount of 28%.

The third pricing plan is the 12-month package which provides an amazing economic package to Hide My Ass users. It only costs $78.60 yearly while the Smart-ass package costs 6.55 per month. Subscribing to this savvy package offers you a discount of 43% hence you can save $4.97. Here is the summary of the three plans.

  1. Kick-Ass Plan             2.   Half-Ass plan                          3.   Smart-Ass Plan

Price – $ 11.52                  Price – $ 8.33                                   Price – $ 6.55

Discount – N/A                 Billed semi-yearly as $ 49.98         Billed yearly as $ 78.60

Discount – 28%                              Discount – 43%

Support Offering

Hide My Ass has variety of methods that users can get help from. Users can get services through Hide My Ass support ticket email system. You will visit their help page and email them your issues, and wait for their response within 24 hours.

Furthermore, you can visit their blog where all their new services about Hide My Ass is available. There, you can find very informative and helpful support page that will offer a great solution to your issues.

They also provide live chat for their users which is available for 12 hours a day.


In a nutshell, Hide My Ass has maintained an outstanding performance that is consistent to its users. Though their live chat customer support is limited, Hide My Ass website is highly enriched with handy information and solutions that can answer users queries at all time.

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