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Hide.Me VPN has defined its name in the VPN market by being unique in its features and advantages. It allows the use of torrents with unlimited bandwidth by its premium users.

They have numerous servers in 24 countries around the world to serve their users. They have a free plan package that can be used as a trial for their services. Other packages are plus and premium plans.

Their users experience great speeds (gigabit speeds) while surfing the web anonymously. Its software is simple in nature and anyone can use it with ease.

Top Three Features

The unique feature of Hide.Me VPN that makes it be incomparable to many VPNs in the market are:

Free Anonymous Proxy Browser

Its users enjoy the use of proxy browser provided by Hide.Me VPN providers. This way, all their users can surf the web anonymously hence, they can avoid geographical restrictions worldwide. Users are able to surf privately since their identity is concealed by the use of different IP provided by the provider. This makes it hard for hackers, spies and phishers to track them.

Prevention of Financial Data Theft

By use of multiple protocols available for plus and premium users such as 128bit encryption, OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP and IPSEC, it ensures maximum data security when users are surfing the web.

In addition, the use of different IP and no logging of data have made it almost impossible for hackers and spies from getting access to user’s financial data. This has created a secure platform when dealing with financial data transactions. 

Allows users to use torrents.

Its premium users can access torrents since they are offered with SOCKS proxy. In addition, they are provided with port-forwarding that boosts their internet speed while using torrents.

For this case, their premium users can enjoy high speeds with torrent. Though this is only limited to their premium users.

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  1. They have a free VPN plan for its users.
  2. They do not keep their users’ logs hence, privacy is maintained.
  3. Their premium users have the right to enjoy unlimited bandwidth along several servers.
  4. Their premium users can simultaneously connect up to five devices.
  5. They offer proxy service for free.
  6. Premium users are allowed to access torrents, unlike many other VPNs.
  7. Premium users have the privilege of using multiple protocols.
  8. Me VPN is compatible with almost every device.



  1. Only the premium and the plus plans enjoy the unlimited bandwidth.
  2. It is limited.
  3. Free plan users are limited to 2GB monthly data transfer.


Plans and Pricing

There are three package plans available for Hide.Me VPN users. Its users can make payments to different plans of their choice using various payment options. They include PayPal, CashU, American Express, Visa, Bitcoin, and MasterCard.

The three plans are:

Free Plan

  • It is a total-free-plan that is renewable at the end of every month
  • Restricted to 2GB data transfer per month
  • Allows a single simultaneous connection.
  • Has best effort bandwidth
  • Offers up to three locations
  • This plan does not support port forwarding

Plus Plan

  • Costs $5.42 per month
  • Limited to 75GB data transfer per month
  • Offers unlimited bandwidth
  • Has full protocol support for its users
  • Offers up to 29 different locations
  • Allows only one simultaneous connection
  • This plan does not support port forwarding 

Premium Plan                                              

  • Costs $11.67 per month
  • It has no restrictions on the amount of data transfer per month
  • Offers unlimited bandwidth
  • Offers its users with a full protocol support
  • Allows up to five simultaneous connections
  • Users enjoy the freedom of port forwarding

Support Offering

This VPN has an excellent support team. Its users are given a chance to join Hide.Me VPN’s community for their chance to be assisted, and share any views they have at hand. Thanks to Hide.Me VPN for introducing their highly responsive and active 24 hours live chat support. With this, user’s problems and queries can be attended to or answered with less response time. All they need to do is to launch a live chat and air their queries ranging from billing to sales, and they will be answered by their polite customer support team, instantly.

Also, they have excellent support offering platform and support ticket for its esteem customers. Hide.Me VPN users are allowed to use this platform by opening a support request, and hence getting a direct access to their support team for assistance.

Their FAQs section can offer solutions to common queries related to Hide.Me VPN.


To conclude, Hide.Me VPN has taken the top ranks in the VPN market due to its quality services it offers to its customers. Since they don’t keep users’ logs, privacy is assured to its esteem customers when surfing the web.

The free plan offered by this VPN can allow its users to use as a trial before fully committing to plus and premium ones. The 14-day money back guarantee allows new subscribers to gauge their services in plus and premium plans at free-risk.

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