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CyberGhostVPN guarantees free services to its users with an anonymous internet connection, allowing access to blocked content, privacy protection and protecting users from hackers and cyber fraud. It has a lot of servers and countries to choose from with great security.

CyberGhostVPN allows you to change your geographic location as you wish, with the aim of keeping your immediate location unknown. Also, it encrypts your online traffic perfectly and ensures that your data remains anonymous from the third parties.

Top Three Features

These are some of the main features that anyone will be attracted to when looking for an excellent VPN in the market. CyberGhostVPN come with all these features as whole.

Maximum Internet Anonymity

Users get to enjoy maximum internet anonymity since CyberGhostVPN does not keep activity logs. This way, users are safe and secured against being monitored or tracked by government agencies or hackers.

Furthermore, with this feature, users can surf as much as they want since their IP address will be hidden and replaced with an anonymous one which will allow them to be unknown and secure.

Unlimited Bandwidth

CyberGhostVPN ensures that its users enjoy unlimited bandwidth by not keeping any kind of limits on speed, hence enabling them to enjoy streaming or downloading their contents securely.

In addition, they allow users to enjoy online freedom by not restricting the amount of data they use.

Unrestricted Access to blocked content

It also allow its users to access various online contents of their choice by disguising their geographical location. With this feature, users in a non-democratic country get to access blocked or geo-restricted content since CyberGhostVPN does not workwith restrictions.

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  • They offer free VPN service that works very well
  • It is highly affordable
  • They have strong encryption
  • Very easy to use interface, hence user-friendly
  • They have multiple servers in various countries
  • They have a variety of payment methods to use
  • Allows connection of up to five devices simultaneously


  • They do not have P2P (peer to peer)
  • Unreliable help page
  • Free VPN is a little bit slow

Plans and Pricing

CyberGhostVPN is an amazing standalone product that offers its users with three pricing plans. Users can choose any subscription depending on their individual needs. Many users can benefit and enjoy using the free version if they are light internet users.

Their free package is available for Android, Windows and Mac. Apart from this, they have paid services for full-time users which is fairly priced, hence highly affordable for users. The following are the pricing plans for the paid package:

Free Package

Premium Package     

$ 5 monthly billed yearly or $ 6.99 billed per month.

Premium Plus Package

$ 9.16 monthly billed yearly or $ 10.99 billed per month.


Support Offering

CyberGhostVPN support offering to their users is impressive and satisfying, since they value their customers’ needs by being easily accessible at all time. They have a user-friendly 24/7 live chat where users can chat lively with the support team and get answers to their queries.

Unluckily, CyberGhostVPN live chat is only available during Eastern European hours. They also have a website that has a variety of topics and amazing search functions. This allows users to get help by reading the topics and subtopics available to find solutions to their unanswered queries.


CyberGhostVPN is a dedicated VPN service aimed at providing amazing free services to its users. It offers a safe and stable service that does not keep logs of users’ data and internet use, hence making it a valuable and outstanding VPN provider worldwide.

It is up to standard for anonymous browsing and access to geo-restricted content. Also, it is available and very affordable, hence an excellent choice for all users who wish to keep their information private from hackers and government agencies.

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