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Buffered VPN is a new developing VPN company that is very easy to use. It is a fast developing company that offers multiple connections to its users. It supports OpenVPN protocol since it is more secure and reliable.

Buffered VPN is a very great VPN that allows its users to connect to their Buffered VPN as well as connect to other five devices simultaneously. BufferedVPN provides its users with maximum protection at all time since they are not under any kind of jurisdictions.

BufferedVPN support team is always available and highly professional regardless of users’ problems. They solve users’ request in a short spur of time and ensure that their users enjoy, and get access to geo-blocked content without any logging policy.

Top Three Features

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
    BufferedVPN offers its users with an unlimited bandwidth which guards them against ISP throttling over their speed. The bypassing of ISP throttling enables Buffered VPN users to stream their favorite movies and content at a high speed.To add on, they do not have any restrictions on the amount of data placed on their servers. This way, users can enjoy the maximum service provided by BufferedVPN.
  • Multiple connections
    Using Buffered VPN enables users to use multiple connections and utilize great services offered on multiple devices simultaneously.
  • OpenVPN protocol
    Buffered VPN uses a more secure protocol on the market. It uses the OpenVPN and the OpenSSL library as well as a series of modern technologies to provide to their customers the safest system.They use the 128-bit encryption which allows its users to protect their security protocol not to be compromised by hackers and the NSA. The protocol can be easily configured


  • They have fast servers covering 25 countries
  • They offer unlimited bandwidth and servers
  • Very fast and unlimited speed
  • Very easy to setup and use hence user- friendly
  • They offer a 24/7 customer support
  • They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • They offer the best security and encryption to its users
  • Available in Windows, Mac, Android, IOS etc. devices


  • A little bit costly
  • Availability of servers in only 28 countries
  • They don’t offer live chat support to their customers

Plans and Pricing

BufferedVPN like other VPN’S offers a three pricing plan where users subscribe to their services and pay continuously. What makes it different is the time length of users’ subscription. The good thing is, you are assured of a 100% money-back guarantee for the first one month.

They offer competitive prices which are always progressively less costly considering the period that users sign in for. There prices are as follows:

Monthly plan

$12.99 per month

Annual plan

$8.25 per month

With a discount of $57.00 annually after being billed $99.00 annually.

Bi-Annual plan

$9.99 per month

With a discount of $18.00 annually after being billed $59.94 yearly.

Support offering

BufferedVPN values their customers’ satisfaction whole-heartedly. They have the FAQ section on their website which caters for all customer’s queries and incredibly gives them the perfect answers, and solutions to their queries.

Despite the fact that they don’t have a live chat option, BufferedVPN is trying its best to implement it in order to be more in contact with their customer’s concerns and queries. They have a five-star customer support that offers efficient ticketing service to their customers.


Finally, BufferedVPN is one of the best developing VPNs available worldwide. It offer competitive prices, easy to use interface and amazing privacy to its users. It has made an amazing and impeccable position proposing outstanding features that satisfy its users’ needs.

They offer a high-speed connection with strong encryption that keeps users’ security intact. You get to enjoy the privilege of keeping your privacy unknown and an access to geo-blocked content as you wish.

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