VPN technology is all over the internet, a bit like an unpleasant rash but do you ever worry that you’re missing out on something? What exactly can VPN technology do for you? A VPN service offers internet users the ability to connect across the internet without fear of the snooper’s charter finding out what you have been doing or being able to get to your confidential data. Sounds wonderful? If you want a little more detail about VPNs before taking the plunge then stick with us kiddo.

1 Using Unsecured Connections Securely

Fancy a mocha double Frappuccino skinny latte? Feel like catching up with your emails while you sip? If you do, think very carefully about the security risks. Most Wi-Fi network access points are not secure. Anyone with the right (or wrong) software can uncover passwords, data and anything else you access while you are sipping your coffee. Access your data over a VPN and you’ve no worries.

2 Unblocking Blocked Sites

At work and want to post an update on Facebook and you can’t. Got a brilliant Tweet lined up? If your boss stops you accessing these site shame on him! You can get around this using a VPN which hides the identity of any site you are planning to use. Just don’t get caught though.

3 Hide Your Light

As soon as you access a website or even a specific page on a site, your identity is available for anyone to find out. Your IP address (think IP address = zip code) gives the game away. With a correctly configured VPN your true IP address is hidden. You can then browse away to your hearts content without worrying that your actions can be seen.

4 Getting Around Censorship

We’re not all luck enough to live where freedom of speech is guaranteed. If you live in a country where the State controls what you can or can’t read a virtual private network may offer you some comfort. A service offered by a VPN provider, may well be enough to allow you to get around restrictions.

5 Keeping Your Browsing Secret

It’s horrible when you realise someone is reading your newspaper at the same time that you are and internet browsing is no different. Anything you type into Google (or Bing or any other search engine for that matter) remains private to you if you are using a VPN. Set up properly it is impossible for the outside world to find out what you’ve been browsing because your searches are not linked to your personal IP address.

6 Network Your Business Together

If your business operates in multiple territories or even locations in the same city a VPN could well be for you. You can join parts of your network together securely so that it appears that everyone is using the same single network.

7 Keeping Your Data Secret

Sending data across the internet sounds as though it is a bit of a gamble and normally it would be. Anyone wanting to sniff out your secrets can do so unless you take measures to protect it. A VPN gives you the chance of using encryption technology – a bit like scrambling eggs at one end and then unscrambling them at the other – to ensure that only those people you authorise can ever see your data.

8 Spyware and Malware – No Worries

When you access some websites, they download spyware or malware onto your computer. For sure there are a number of software packages you can use to help out here by why not use your VPN to stop the software in its tracks before it even gets to your PC – much safer!

9 Getting Round Regional Content Restrictions

Those frustrating “sorry content not available where you are” messages just disappear with a VPN. The content server simply doesn’t know where you are so it’s uninterrupted videos and music all the way.

10 Keep your Online Identity Secure

A VPN will stop hackers and other undesirables breaking into your network with a view to stealing your online identity in the form of logins and passwords. Correctly configured a VPN blocks unwanted external activity completely.

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