Most novices in the world of Virtual Private Networks (VPN) ends up making great mistakes when choosing between free and premium VPN services. This slight mistake of making a bad choice has made many individuals and organisation to lose tonnes of vital data to the wrong hands.

Also, they have ended up spending more than their estimated budget by moving from one plan to another due to lack of prior knowledge in selection of VPN pricing plans. This then raises the question; when should you choose a free or premium plan? Well, this article gives you a glimpse of the two scenarios.

When to Opt For Free/Trial VPN Services

Trying out on their services.

It is advisable to pick a free or trial plan when you are new to a company’s VPN services or not sure about their services. Why? This is because it will give you a taste of the services offered without much to offer or lose. You would not like after spending a substantial amount of cash on a premium plan then you realise that it doesn’t work well for you.

You have less sensitive data on your PC.

When you have less sensitive data on your PC, it is the only time you can decide to subscribe to a free or trial plan. Though many VPN providers offer a free plan, it has a limited level of security protection. These might include limited access to IP addresses to mask your identity.

You need limited VPN features.

Unlike premium plans, free or trial plans have got limited access to great features offered by most VPN companies. If you only need the basic VPN services such as limited security and encryption, low speeds, limited customer support services, and more, this is the best option you can opt for.

When to Choose Premium or Paid Plans.

When handling sensitive data online.

The main reason why we often go for VPN services is to provide encryption while browsing the internet. For this reason, it is a best practice to select a premium plan that will offer excellent security encryption compared to free or trial plan.

If security takes precedence on your list when choosing VPN plans, then premium plans should also be your immediate companion. This is because most free/trial plans offer fewer encryption measures to your data.

Need for a better experience with VPN services.

It is evident that many VPN service providers pay much attention to their premium plan members more than free plan subscribers. Furthermore, the best features are in most cases limited to paid plans. These great services are not limited to; high speed, excellent security protection, customer support services, unlimited bandwidth, access to multiple servers in many regions, and much more.

To conclude, it is always good to access your need for VPN services before picking your plan. But for maximum and strong encryption, premium plans would be the best option.

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