Have you made up your mind that VPN is a sound investment? If you have, are you wondering what the next step is? What questions should you be asking before signing up? You need to consider if the location of your VPN service providers servers is going to be an issue. With the all-pervading nature of the internet it is easy to access services and facilities that are on the other side of the world. Stick with us if you are not sure whether server location or proximity is an issue you need to consider.

Look at the Basics

A Virtual Private network (VPN) is a good way to ensure that your online activities are as secure as possible and private. It offers a variety services that work for both businesses and personal internet users but the most important ones are those that allow you to use the internet, which is public and not secure, in a private way so your data is transmitted securely.

Your VPN service is provided using a VPN server that can be located anywhere in the world. Initially you might be tempted to think that having a choice about where your server is located is a good thing. In the world of VPN, location, or server proximity, is important and does need some consideration if you are to get the most out your VPN service.

The internet works by transmitting files in packets of information from one place to another in multiple hops. The more hops your packet of information needs to get to where it’s going the more time it takes. OK, it is still very fast but if the journey needs to happen many times, if you are working with large amounts of data, the delays can begin to build up. Clearly the closer your internet servers are the better.

Digital Rights

In today’s digital world, content is king. Music or video content is licensed to be made available, country by country. It’s the way musicians and film producers earn their money. This means that your favourite movie, website, or music track may not be available to enjoy where you live. You’ve probably seen those “Sorry this content is not available where you are” messages yourself.

Server proximity is a way round these problems. A VPN hides your true location and gives you a proxy so your actual location remains hidden. Find a VPN service provider who has servers where you join and exit their network in a number of locations and you can appear to be accessing files from a number of locations. Choose a VPN service provider who has servers in a country where the content you want is licensed and you have solved the problem.

Digital Privacy

For many, digital privacy is more important. Governments have different powers when it comes to compelling ISPs to reveal their data. If digital privacy, and confidence you are not going to be bothered by government snooping is important think carefully about where you want to access your data. Some countries have data retention legislation enacted. Mandatory retention of details of the sites you visit operates in some territories, notable the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. If this is an issue for you, choose your VPN provider carefully to avoid your internet activity being recorded.

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