Best VPN Services for - October 2017

Are you worried about losing confidential business data? Perhaps you’re worried about the possibility of someone stealing your bank details and getting access to your cash? Good! If you are, you’ve taken the first step towards protecting yourself against online theft and fraud. Your next step is to read on and choose the VPN service that is best for you or your business.

Best VPN Services

VPN Top Features Our Rating Customer Rating More info
ExpressVPN #1 Fastest VPN
Unlimited Bandwidth
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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NordVPN Double Data Encryption
Automatic Kill Switch
DNS- Leak Resolver
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PureVPN Connectivity features
Security and Privacy
Fast VPN services
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SaferVPN Unlimited Bandwidth on all Plans
Multiple connections
Device compatibility
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Hide My Ass! VPN Secure IP Binding Tool
Money-Back Guarantee
VPN Servers in 30 Countries
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Hotspot Shield Anonymous surfing
Advanced anti-blocking
Malware protection
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VyprVPN Multiple protocols
Zero Logging DNS
Chameleon and NAT Firewall
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What Does VPN Mean?

If it’s technology, the first step in understanding it is to get to grips with the TLAs (that’s three letter acronyms to mere mortals). VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Literally it’s a network that is not physical like a conventional one, it is a logical one created with clever software that works over public networks such as the internet. The software provides you with the same privacy that you would get if you were using a private network.

VPN for Anonymity

So, a VPN offers you anonymity. You are guaranteed a number of things. Choose the right VPN and you’ll not need to worry about someone keeping a close eye on what you’re doing and where you’re going online. You may not know, but when you type in a search phrase, someone (hey Google you know who we mean) records what’s been searched for and by whom and where you are.

VPN for Business Security

In business there are a range of other benefits up for grabs when you use a VPN. Most businesses keep much of their confidential documents, reports, and financial data on servers and make their data available to staff using an intranet – a network that is only available to employees in the office. What happens though when staff need to travel and still need access to that confidential data? Yep – you guessed it – cue the VPN..

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Reasons Why You Should Opt for Premium VPN Services

Most novices in the world of Virtual Private Networks (VPN) ends up making great mistakes when choosing between free and premium VPN services. This slight mistake of making a bad choice has made many individuals and organisation to lose tonnes of vital data to the wrong hands

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All You Need to Know and Don’t Need to Know About VPN Protocols

Are you thinking about getting a VPN but don’t know your PPTP from your IPSec. Do you not understand all of these acronyms, least of all what they mean for you as a VPN customer? Understanding technology and what it means for you can make the difference between a great VPN deal and one that doesn’t solve your problems. Follow us and we’ll give you the low down on what’s important and what’s not so important when it comes to VPN protocols.

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Choosing a Location for Your VPN Server

Have you made up your mind that VPN is a sound investment? If you have, are you wondering what the next step is? What questions should you be asking before signing up? You need to consider if the location of your VPN service providers servers is going to be an issue. With the all-pervading nature of the internet it is easy to access services and facilities that are on the other side of the world. Stick with us if you are not sure whether server location or proximity is an issue you need to consider.

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